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August 2013
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itsuki [userpic]

Shared two MM sims on my dreamwidth. Hope you guys enjoy!

itsuki [userpic]

itsuki [userpic]

Hey guys. Long time, no post. Super, super sorry about how inactive I've been on LiveJournal ..My sim time has been, pretty much, devoured whole by school and just life in general.. So.. yeah. Sorry about that.. I'm a little more active on tumblr than I am here (but not by much.) So if you're wondering what I'm up to.. just check that out, I guess. [linky-poo]

Current Mood: tiredtired
itsuki [userpic]

Current Mood: tiredtired
itsuki [userpic]

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Current Music: the dø - moon mermaids
itsuki [userpic]

Sims2EP8 2012-07-23 14-51-58-51

This is well overdue, but here it finally is! Hope you guys enjoy!

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itsuki [userpic]

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itsuki [userpic]

As promised, here are the five Sims I've created for Garden of Shadows' June Sim Challenge.

[ Edgar Allan Poe ]
Download Dolores

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itsuki [userpic]

Here is a little thank you present for my 90+ followers on tumblr. :) I really appreciate you guys! Hope you like them.

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itsuki [userpic]

Brooks Rendozo

Effie Meek

+ Elvira

All are available for download @ my simblr

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